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Harvest-Max prides itself on taking the implementation barrier out of precision agriculture. While many industry platforms are available today, Harvest-Max provides a service combined with a customizable approach to help each customer achieve their individual goals.

Our success is driven by our customers’ success, and our team members strive to exceed expectations. Through our consulting, data management, and soil sampling services; Harvest-Max holds high standards for customer satisfaction.



Harvest-Max is a company who understands what it takes for a progressive farming operation to succeed. Profitability, accuracy and efficiency are paramount attributes to every successful producer. We are dedicated  agronomists who understand how to maximize the investment that you make on every acre. Let's work together through your field data and our combined experience to make the most profitable decisions for your operation.

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Data Management

As a grower, you have collected years of digital data with your field monitors, but probably have never felt to have fully used the data to its full potential. Harvest-Max helps make your data work for you by managing inputs for maximum yield, production efficiency and increasing your bottom line.

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Drone Technology

Sometimes it is hard to get a good gauge on crop health in season. Harvest-Max utilizes state of the art drone technology to gather data to help growers make decisions that could save maximum yield potential. From stand count analysis to NDVI imagery, Harvest-Max has the tools to help make decisions when conventional scouting and satellite imagery are not enough.

Soil Sampling Rig.jpg

Soil Sampling

A quality soil sample is the starting line. It is impossible to maximize the productivity of every acre without completely understanding the fertility variable within your fields. Whether you farm fairly uniform or highly variable ground, nutrient levels in your soils will vary from place to place within a field. There are many strategies that we can use today to “fine-tune” management in order to increase efficiency and yield. Throughout this process, we know that understanding what the fertility is doing throughout your field is critical.


With a wide range of custom options, Harvest-Max has the ability to take the soil samples you need. Our standard complete package tests for Organic Matter, Available Phosphorus. Exchangeable Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Hydrogen, Soil pH, Buffer pH, Cation Exchange Capacity, and Base Saturations of Cation Elements offered on a variety of grid sizes. We also have the ability to meet specific requests and add various attributes to our soil testing packages.

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